Why you’re really sick!

Why you’re really sick!

Lets face it – YOU’RE NOT HEALTHY.  But then again, neither am I.  In fact I’d bet very few are actually healthy – what sucks is that you didn’t really choose to be this way but you’re also not helping yourself out of this way.

Let me guess – you eat right and by eating right I mean you had some lettuce a few weeks ago.  You exercise and by exercise you walk to work or you walk around at work.  You probably take all your vitamins and by vitamins you mean plastic capsules filled with hopes and dreams.

Here’s the problem with being healthy – it’s too forward thinking.  Being healthy is like insurance – you pay for it but hope you never need it.  I have phone, car, forced healthcare, business and so on and I pay forward for each hoping I never have to call on them because we all know what that means!

Why is it so hard to explain to people good real food is your insurance plan for health?

Here’s why it’s not your fault.  Industry & Marketing.  The second you walk into a grocery store more than 3/4 of what you see is literal crap, fillers, and mainly corn.  The first 1/4 of the store, that department called the produce department – that’s where we find the good stuff.  But big ads and false advertisements across every package lure you in to buy this so called vitamin rich product – ok so they got me too at one point.

Here’s why it is your fault.  You don’t balance your diet with raw healthy foods.  The process of cooking anything removes and degrades vitamins, minerals, proteins, and so on from any food.  From broccoli to beef if you cook it – it craps out.  Yes there are still things left but not as strong as before.  When was the last time you had raw anything?  Broccoli, beans, cauliflower, onions, or cucumbers! And not as a snack but as a meal! When was the last time your meal didn’t come from a box or a can?  And do you really think that one time made a difference?  No, it didn’t.  You felt food for maybe a day but then again you can at least function.

Do you get sick a lot?  Your body has this thing – called an immune system.  The, say it with me, IM-MUNE SYSTEM is what keeps you from getting sick.  Life has good bugs and bad bugs and we need to keep at bay the bad ones.  But this system requires fuel in the form of good food not process, canned, boxed, or dehydrated shit!

Bear this thought – if you are about 75% water all together, your cells around probably around 95% and if you predominantly eat processed, boxed, or dehydrated foods(no water in each) then how can you expect your bodies cells to function?  You aren’t giving them anything! And that old adage of when we were young “our bodies find the good things in food and expel the rest” is a complete lie and furthermore you’re not giving your body anything in the first place.  Plants and vegetables are 95% water – hence their real value is not only vitamins, proteins, and minerals but at best water content for your cells!

Still not convinced.  Well I can’t force you but try eating a raw or more raw diet than you are now.  And document your progress or just keep in mind if you’re not sick – it’s working.  Just like any industry we like to complain more than we praise.  We expect to be healthy and be on autopilot – I can’t look after me while taking selfies! But when we get sick we immediately play the blame game and co-workers come first.  I’d point the finger at your diet and lifestyle first before you go blaming the world for your oreo wine dunking butt!

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  • Andrea Brainerd September 17, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    Hi Matt,
    I like this article and your content in it… I agree with eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables amoung other things. However I have to disagree with you in one of your comments… There are certain vegetables that benefit from being heated in order to produce certain phytonutrients. One of the veggies I am speaking of as an example is broccoli, if lightly steamed it will actually retain more phytonutrients. Just thought I would let you know. 🙂 you’re stuff is good, I like what you’re doing, keep up the awesome work!!


    • Matt Hall Author September 18, 2015 at 8:08 am

      Thanks Andrea,

      I appreciate your insight into this also and I am now glad I know that much more and will be looking up phytonutrients shortly so I can learn more!

      All the best,

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