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Morel vs Morel

It’s been awhile since I posted/blogged.  But since some news came about in the mushroom world about morels – it’s only fitting. The Danish Morel Project is growing morels indoors! Honestly I am happy for them and I respect their work – they seem to be getting great yields, the timeline isn’t the greatest at […]

Morel Mushrooms – soon a year round commodity.

Morel mushrooms – in northern Michigan this is a May-June delicacy, family tradition, and all sorts of foragers from professional to amateur come out to find that spot for even just a few to cook up. The industry of morel mushrooms is anything but small and is known around the world.   Total industry foraged […]

Morel Mushrooms

This is a simple blog post to show you the work we are doing on morel mushrooms.  The strain was acquired from Penn State Culture labs and is DNA verified - and further more we have grown them to be able to identify them under the microscope also giving them a second verification. We can [...]