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Morel Mushrooms

This is a simple blog post to show you the work we are doing on morel mushrooms.  The strain was acquired from Penn State Culture labs and is DNA verified - and further more we have grown them to be able to identify them under the microscope also giving them a second verification. We can [...]

Indoor morel cultivation – March 31st, 2020

Morels showing their iconic 'ridge' and or 'cup' shapes.  Younger specimens were able to be extracted and viewed through a microscope.(above) Young specimen showing the full morel structure.  This is possibly the smallest morel ever identified and also ever recorded in lab settings.(above) The morels could be seen with the naked eye.  We had 2 [...]

Clear line of Sight – Morel – February 29, 2020

Update to morel research. Strain was acquired through Penn State University mycology lab.  This is important because we have a DNA verified morel strain. Upon arrival we cloned it on agar media, and then also cloned it in a liquid culture. Tissue containers and petri dishes were used in testing the first batch to test […]