The least of 3 evils.

The least of 3 evils.


The least of 3 evils: An examination of GMO’s, Big Farming Practice, and Preservatives.

GMO’s.  Oddly enough it’s not as common as a term as I had thought.  I recent documentary highlighted this issue and I was myself astonished thinking….how do people not know about GMO’s?  But then again – it is tied into a field which is at the fabric of what I am doing and I am sure, 100 percent positive, there is much I don’t know about a product I use that is quite controversial.  So I don’t blame you, I understand.

Lets shed some light on the GMO.  Genetically – Modified – Organism.  They are basically playing gene therapy to plants we eat.  Who?  Lots of companies.  Why? GMO’s grow better – they can cross pollinate, inject, change the DNA of a plant in order for it to grow better and be less harmed by the environment.  This is predominantly for mono-crop systems like big agro.  They need the crops that can withstand a lot because well they are going to grow it well beyond it’s normal means and need to assure there is profit. If you grow one thing in one area for a long time you need help, in many ways.(pun intended) What?  Still don’t get it? The biggest argument is that GMO’s do not have human trials so we have no idea what these new organisms will be doing to our molecular body so many years from now.  But does that really matter – you have diet coke in the fridge.  So do you really care?  No.  And in all honesty they aren’t planting new chemicals into the plant and they aren’t playing god.

Now to give you something to worry about.

Chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and anything else that ends with “cide”.  Why?  Because it’s still on your food! You should always wash your produce for two reasons.  One – kids.  Two – kids.  Three – farming sprays.

I know the USDA said it was ok to spray this chemical at this time and no point past bloom and it would evaporate or come off in a rain before harvest but when was the last time I trusted the USDA?  USDA organic?  Oh ok, define organic? That’s a certification you get by paying up not planning out.

We should be more concerned with what they put onto our food rather than what they try to cross-pollinate it with!  I don’t particularly want chemicals of any sort in any capacity on my food! There is a reason the farm workers where full protection suits while dispensing these chemicals! It is bad for you.  A list of chemicals which chernobyl can’t concoct and here we are spraying it on our food and wondering where the cancers come from?!

They need to spray each chemical because mono-cropping, producing one item in a large area, invites all the predators! You can expect a tomato horn worm family to show up if you put up a buffet table acres long and of just one item which is their favorite item!

Most of the time GMO and Pesticides are connected.  It would be rare if you had GMO but not organic.  Or if you had organic but GMO.  Now granted most of your local farmers are GMO but Organic.  What does that refer to?  It means they are using a GMO seed/varietal but have organic practices(usually listed as Hybrid and not a GMO).  And you can have not organic raised GMO.  Yeah…I had to think about that one too.

So which do you go for?   Which matters more?  I’d say Organic is list topper.  If they used a GMO seed but raised it organically without sprays/chemicals – awesome.  Probably got some good yields but were still having to raise it properly.  But it was Heirloom(non-gmo) variety but raised un-organic(technically not a coined term yet even though this is almost all your food) in which they raised a naturally occurring plant but applied chemicals then I don’t want chemicals.  If you don’t think chemicals affect you in the smallest ways then feel free to take a benadryl and see what happens. A small pill the size of a pez can knock you out so why it is you think chemicals and sprays won’t affect you.  Sure – not on a level you notice – but you body notices.

Third party problems – preservatives. Everything beyond the ‘grocery’ or ‘produce’ isle has preservatives.  Keep that in mind.  Isles 1-15 whatever are boxed, canned, concocted, mixed up, dried up, and dressed to sell.  It likely has more sugar, corn syrup, and starch than you’ll ever need.  Keep this  in mind about grocery stores – it is a store – where you buy things and those things are meant to profit other things(CEO’s) and do you think they are there to keep your best interests in mind? NO! A store is a store is a store.  There is no such thing as anyone selling for under cost.  They will put whatever ads, vitamin labels, and fancy coloring to sell to you – and if you’re with kids then they are not targeting you.  They are targeting the little buyer next to you – the one who is crying.  I won’t even touch the soft drink isle.  I get mean.

Does this help? Does this make sense?

Maybe now go out and buy a cookbook and learn how to cook food again.  Do the dishes.  Talk, converse, laugh, cry, sing, dance while doing the dishes(I do) and be human.  Find out about your food – you are on a computer – you literally have the world’s library in your fingertips.  Ever looked up what baking soda is?  You should! Cause last I checked  we don’t grow plants called ‘soda’.  hint hint.


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