I thought it was about time to overhaul and re-organize this website.

So I did.

We’ve created new pages.

Plant Info | Not only does this showcase garden photography but each photo is filled with tidbits of info making it super easy if you’re reading or actually in the garden to find out more about the plants you are planting.  We’ll be working on a database for planting instructions for your everyday use!

The Shop | We’ve put our products under one roof for you to read through before we re-direct you to our storefront.  We’ll be continually adding more products as they come about!

Organic Garden Services | We’ve listed what we can do for your garden.  Go check out it out and contact me if you think your garden needs an overhaul!

What’s next for us! Stay tuned in and see! We’re drawing back on the fanciness of the time-lapse videos to give you more raw footage and more information! First up – everyone’s favorite – Basil! Tomorrow we’ll feature a video of how to grow, what to look for, and simple tricks of basil!

Why do I do this?

So maybe one day you’ll want a garden of your own!


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