Morel Research

December 2018.  Full media trials resulting in hundreds of morels fruiting.  The significance of this work is that they have fruited from a single process that was highly nutritious.  This is contradictory to previous work done back in the 80’s.

The image shows a few areas of clustering.  To the left we see the ‘crown’ which clustered around 30+ pins and the area to the right as the ‘ridge’ which had morels in a row almost to a exact line.  Each ‘pin’ would be a morel.

Macro shot of the ‘ridge’ morels during final phase/coloring.

The ‘crown’ morel area which in all totaled over 30+ pins next to each other.

Side shot of the ‘ridge’ from which the morels lined up perfectly.  I was able to identify/confirm morel from these larger pins.

The image is shot through a stereo microscope and we could finally see a definitive cap/stalk.  The cap was twist-like and or the beginning of the classic ‘pits’ morels have as ‘cup fungi’.

The following photos are of morels on malt extract agar with control(s).

Agar Trials

Agar split plate showing morel formations/pins on the right side of the plate.  Nearly clear and hard to see – they also were considerably bigger on the agar than on full media.

Considerable change in size on the agar allowing for greater macro shots.

This is 2 of 3 plates that fruited.  We had 3 successful agar plates produce morels.  Hard to see without editing because they were considerably smaller.

Single morel pin stemming from cloudy mycelium matrix.

Morels in the mist of their own mycelium.  They self-set/pinned which was the impressive part.

Augmented coloring shows shape/texture.

Fruiting Trials

Continuing Research

Now that I’ve fruited morels from 1 medium, and 3 plates I can say definitively my research is proven to that extent.  But there’s more to do.

Fruiting trials, this will determine the cause of which affects morels to turn into a mushroom.  The morels in the plates set themselves without conditional treatments but that does not mean it’s that simple. Therefore using specialized containers we can now fast track research that would be able to test multiple possibilities to determine the cause of ‘fruiting’ to bring indoor morel cultivation to a year round stage exactly like shiitake.

Since this work was done in December/January we’ve made considerable advances in the work and have now been able to document morels 2nd stage of mycelium which occurs naturally by itself with my controls.

All photos are watermarked and are property of Matthew Hall DBA Midnight Harvest LLC.

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