Indoor Morel Cultivation

Yes – we have grown morels indoors back in December of 2018, and again in petri dish trials in January of 2019.

The research has come a long way from those points.

My work differs greatly from past work in that it is a simple method which applies to all mushrooms farm today.  Spawn – Incubation – Fruiting.  No transferring and no nutrient depletion.  In fact I am using a nutrient rich medium so I am confident when I get further into my work they will taste just like the wild ones.

Morel comparison

Full media trials – theses trials signaled the fact morels can be grown like traditional mushrooms today.  The medium had hundreds of pins from which I then identified varying characteristics of morels.  It proved an overall theory of which may be applied to rare fungi like truffles.

Agar trials – after success with full media theory I then proved morels in an agar dish with controls.  3 plates successfully grew morels and 1 grew significantly larger morels.

This is the only imagery to date which depicts morels growing on petri dishes.

We’re within 6 months of finalizing research on morels and then ultimately creating the first truly indoor morel farm.  The last 8 months of further research has been to determine possible fruiting conditions and or triggers and that has been determined now.

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