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Indoor morel cultivation – March 31st, 2020

Morels showing their iconic ‘ridge’ and or ‘cup’ shapes.  Younger specimens were able to be extracted and viewed through a microscope.(above)

Young specimen showing the full morel structure.  This is possibly the smallest morel ever identified and also ever recorded in lab settings.(above)

The morels could be seen with the naked eye.  We had 2 successful medium create morels and one created dozens.  These are about 10x or more the size of our previous trials.(above)

I am in full stage trials testing how I will develop the techniques, process, and so forth for lab settings to grow morels indoors.

Once the methods are complete with the particular species I will track back and test other morels for viability.

Matt Hall

Citizen Scientist, self-studied indoor mushroom grower. "Growing gourmet mushrooms and continuing advanced research into rare varieties of fungi"