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Morel Mushrooms

This is a simple blog post to show you the work we are doing on morel mushrooms. ┬áThe strain was acquired from Penn State Culture labs and is DNA verified – and further more we have grown them to be able to identify them under the microscope also giving them a second verification.

We can currently grow them weekly and we are learning their ideal environments, timing, and soon yield.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

Morels under microscope 30x. August 2020
Morels from above. August 2020
Morels, still testing environmental factors. August 2020
Multiple morel spikes. August 2020
Morel seen with cap attached to stalk. August 2020
Morel ribs/pitting. March 2020

Matt Hall

Citizen Scientist, self-studied indoor mushroom grower. "Growing gourmet mushrooms and continuing advanced research into rare varieties of fungi"