Matthew Hall

Born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan.  I grew up for the most in downtown TC near Central Grade School, and eventually graduated from West Senior High in 2002.  Attended NMC and earned my associates degree in Science and Arts.

The Dolphin Training Days

The real focus during the college years was to become a marine mammal trainer – train dolphins for a living.  In 2004 I was accepted into an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando to do just that alongside the trainers.  Six months learning the role and responsibilities of being inside an aquarium, and cleaning a lot.

After the internship I came home and worked back in the hospitality industry before setting out in 2011 to get my feet wet again.  I was volunteer diving for the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan cleaning tanks and hanging out with the fish.

In spring of 2012 I was being interviewed for a position to train dolphins for the Navy but moving home to be closer to friends, family, and start the farm was already in motion.

What kind of Farm?

In 2012 my thoughts/passion changed and I wanted to grow food.  I got hooked – growing little patio gardens, to installing gardens, to installing a greenhouse in my parents back yard.  In summer of 2012 I also went on through the MSU master gardener program and volunteered on a farm to learn more.

It wasn’t until 2014 if I remember correctly did I start getting into mushrooms and learning how to cultivate mushrooms indoors.  I went through some growing process of both personal and business wise and kept on learning.

Now fast forward to 2020 and never giving up.  I have a real operational mushroom farm where I am able to grow upwards to 100lbs/week.  I grow for local restaurants, CSA’s, and grocery stores.

Why Midnight Harvest?

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years mainly as a bartender.  And I knew if I was a farmer I’d never be the kind who gets up at 6am because I am such a night owl – I am often found harvesting at night.  It worked out nicely also because the myth mushrooms need darkness(false btw) in order to grow.