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The roots and offshoots!

The roots and offshoots!

A little bit about the start of Midnight Harvest.

The name of the business derives from many factors actually.  The first and most dominant factor is that for years I have been a bartender and am trained and conditioned to be a night person.  I don’t do the early morning 4 or 5 am deal and am more awake at Midnight than at noon.  Hence Midnight Harvest.

And in turn in an odd way hearing about GMO’s and Monsanto and their crackdowns I kind of found it funny that organic gardening is actually being threatened by big agro and big companies wanting to monopolize our food systems, and our overall health.  It’s funny that gardening for ourselves has become such an underground movement or that it is considered slightly odd to garden.  But in fact it is the quickest and most liberating thing any one can do for themselves as a species, as an animal, as a being that lives on this planet.  We require nutrition brought to us by many factors but few are certain which is vegetables and fruits.

My passion came to me while working for a great restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI.  Bistro Bella Vita owned and ran by Essence Management Group who also owns GreenWell and Grove.  Bistro’s mentality of organic and local first really inspired me to become an organic farmer but more so to show the world or those around me how to do it too! And how day that question came along “what do you mean I can grow my own food?” Like a light bulb over the head!

So thats my thing I want to grow healthy, sustainable, and organic food.

The MATH.  I look at vegetables and fruits as the only way we will ever sustain this thing we call life.  I was never good at math so let me draw you a picture.

One tomato seed will yield dozens of tomatoes.  One tomato will yield dozens of seeds.   Therefore dozens of tomatoes will yield hundreds if not thousands of seeds.  So that math could look like this 1 seed = 12+ tomatoes and 12+ tomatoes = thousands of seeds.  Can you prove my equation wrong?  Good luck.


So here I am.  In Northern Michigan hoping to inspire the masses to turn over the grass and start a garden.  To do the math and get hooked on growing your own food – food untouched by chemicals and toxins and harvested in its prime.

Many many things to come.  We are releasing a line of ‘clothing’ and starting a ‘farmraiser’ campaign to acquire property.  Already installing gardens and continue to install gardens in the area and getting people the groundwork they need to become an informed gardener.  And we are meeting the tech age – macro photography, informative time lapse vegetables videos, and overall knowledge base for your quick reference.

Hope you enjoy, hope you get hooked, and hope you’re ready to get your hands dirty in the garden.

Just remember – the best food comes from you!

Matthew Hall


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