Mushroom Farming in Michigan

The man behind the mushrooms.

Matt Hall – born and raised in Traverse City, MI spent most of my years in TC then moved and experienced many aspects of life outside TC.  Mushrooms were not my first passion – marine mammal training was my old pursuit.  In 2004 I got to experience that while working for Disney as a marine mammal trainer intern and then experienced more of the aquatic life in 2011 volunteering for the John Ball Zoo as a diver in their cold water tanks with Penguins and small fish.

It was in 2011 I got my love for growing food.  Living in Grand Rapids at the time I decided to leave the marine world behind and move home to start a mushroom farm.  It’s been quite the ride being home again learning the ropes of farming, production, and science that is involved in growing mushrooms.

After years of research I am now into production and expanding my small indoor farm to scale up production.  Growing Shiitake only right now with sights on Maitake and Lion’s Mane to provide the local community with fresh amazing and healthy mushrooms to add to your everyday dishes.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram if you want to see mushroom farm life.

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