Growing Morels for Everyone

Cultivated Morels

Morels by the pound for anyone anytime of year

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Meet Matt

Citizen Scientist

I’ve been studying and attempting morel cultivation for over 6 years.

I had been researching everything morel from the books which lay more in myth and word of mouth to the books that lay out the pH changes in soil.

Investigating trends in its behavior in the wild such as fire morels and also trying to understand past successful growing operations and why they failed.

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February 2020

Grow a morel in petri dish

April 2020

Morels grown in a deep culture.

August 2020

Morels grown in small media

November 2022

Phase out shiitake to put in morel

December 2022

At scale morel testing

January 2023 - Fall 2023

Scale Trials

Fall 2023

Online Store Opens for Business

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