Growing Morels for Everyone

Cultivated Morels

Morel mushrooms are one of the worlds’ premiere mushrooms for delicacy.  We’ve discovered and created methods that grow them indoors in small scale and are now actively researching them at scale for harvests to bring forth one of the worlds first indoor morel farms.

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Meet Matt

Citizen Scientist

Who I am?  A very curious person – on all topics.  I love it all and can usually find an area to sink into but food took my heart.

I was not in to farming until 2012, not even into mushrooms until 2014, and didn’t even start production until 2018.  Before farming my career would have landed me as a dolphin trainer or marine researcher.  I still have a love for all animals and especially salt water species.

Luckily mushrooms come with some amazing fields not just food so my curiosity will never run out in this field.  For now I’m focused on the sole mission of bringing morel mushrooms to indoor farming scale.  We discovered a few key aspects a few years ago now that we’re actively researching the requirements, timelines, and processes that will allow us to farm morels at scale, indoors, and done in a completely sterile closed system like other farms.

Soon however projects in land preservation, plastic degradation, food systems post harvest, and water filtration just to name a few.  Even medicinal aspects could be on the horizon – all via fungi!

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Fungi: Morel cultivation – when most hear this 2 mushroom comes up.  Yeah that one which I don’t study and the other big guy.  The morel mushroom. 

Morel cultivation has been a bumpy road for the industry.  The Chinese developed an outdoor method.  The Danish perfected on an existing method.  And I am forging a whole new method.

Morel under dark field microscope.

First notes that it could be done date back to the 80’s.  But those methods wouldn’t usher in a morel industry or worldwide methods like we have shiitake.

Fungi cultivation in labs is actually technically difficult at first.  Certain fungi strains like shiitake and maitake have their major difficulties.

We’re likely the first to grow morels on a Petri dish which we’ve designed to test other strains.  We’ve now identified 2 strains that will come indoors. This will aid in studying species variance for speed and ideally yield one day.  Fungi even in the same family like shiitake have great fruiting differences, harvest quality, and yield.

We’re now testing morel at scale which has changed some of the rules we had a small scale.  It’s been a journey and continues to be one – all with the focus on fruiting morels at scale for the market.

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