Mushroom Farming in Michigan

Midnight Harvest is a small indoor mushroom farm near Traverse City, MI.  Currently producing Shiitake mushrooms that are sold to local retail and restaurants – come spring of 2020 I’ll be producing upwards of 100+ lbs of fungi per week and also I’ll be diversifying into Maitake and Lionsmane.

Mission “To sustainably grow high quality gourmet mushrooms and to continue advanced research of other useful and edible fungi”

Check out the new page on Morels and or read the blog below.

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Indoor Morel Cultivation

Indoor Morel Cultivation

I’ve recently identified with the tag of ‘citizen scientist’ – which I love.  It implies the science aspect but also that I am not trained and or have any higher educational background other than an associates degree.  I do what I do with the means I have in my best attempt to solve things related…

For the Love of Shiitake
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