Current Mushroom Species

I’ll be offering Shiitake mushroom up first and as I move along we’ll be always continuing to broaden our ability to produce better and more mushrooms.  Keep checking back or send us an email and I’ll be happy to let you know when we’re ready.  No date set yet, if you’d like to pre-order or talk about bulk/wholesale please inquire with email.


(Lentinula Enodes)

Shiitake Mushroom, pronounced “shee-tok-ee’.  These are normally a fall fruiting mushroom if you found them in the wild but you won’t find them around Michigan as they are not native to our area.  Can be grown on many mediums but the two main types are hardwood sawdust, and or actual hardwood logs.

One of the tastiest mushrooms around in my opinion Shiitake have rich history in Japan and China where they are predominately grown.  Not only know for their wonderful flavor but also offer up a wide variety of medicinal properties.

We currently are set up to grow year round shiitakes in controlled environments – so be healthy, all the time.