Where are we now?

It’s been a long road to 2017.  I’ve been working away at the life of a mushroom cultivator and figuring all this out and things are looking good.  I had a lot to do and to learn before I could be an effective mushroom grower.  It has been rewarding just as much as it has been challenging.  But I am almost there.  We have shiitakes coming along and we’re getting the process and cultivation and care of this beautiful mushroom down – to an art and a science.  I should be selling soon enough on a consistent basis and when I do you’ll know.  How will you know – well ya better email me or sign up for emails because our first notices will go out via email.

Stayed tuned, stay curious, and if you’re so inclined, contact me for more info.

Shiitake Mushroom Time Lapse

Where to find my mushrooms
Traverse City, Mi

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