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Hey – thanks for visiting my website! I’m so close to so much – lots of R&D in the works on Shiitake mushrooms and Morel mushrooms.  Once I’m up and running I’ll post where to find my mushrooms in the local surrounding markets and of course what markets I’ll be attending so you can have some of the freshest mushrooms and healthiest mushrooms on the market.

I can’t wait – I’ve spent the last 2 years going down this road hoping I’d launch sooner but that’s life.  The R&D has come so far and I’ve done some innovating work with shiitakes that will finally allow me to focus full time on this and grow lots of mushrooms for the markets.

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Shiitake mushrooms, Lentinula Edodes, are in the Basidiomycota family of fungi.  They are gilled mushrooms with white gills and white spores – can be grown indoors or outdoors on a hardwood medium.  They’ve been cultivated for years and are one of the tastiest mushrooms on the market.

Shiitakes are still in their infancy of cultivation in my eyes and there is still so much to improve upon.  Shiitake yields are not nearly as good as Oysters or similar mushrooms and many do not know why – but I’ve found a key recipe for my blocks that not only makes them tasty but productive.

Where to find my mushrooms
Traverse City, Mi

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